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In today's competitive, globalised world, having a mastery of English is more important than ever.

CORPORATE ENGLISH is all about improving communication and confidence for executives and professionals who need to express themselves fluently in both spoken and written English.




  • Telephone and Skype conversation classes

  • Assistance with business correspondence, memos and emails

  • Help and clarifying presentations to boards, conferences and meetings

  • Translation services




"This program and its focus on speaking and conversation has improved my English enormously in a very short period of time. Not only with my conversational skills but my writing and vocabulary as well."
Zuelmy Rosario, Repsol, International Assignment Department.


We are a team of professionals with a wide range of experience in the corporate and educational world. My name is David Ross, the founder of Corporate English.  I was born and educated in Australia. I now live in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and have spent 20 years in Spain, living in Madrid and working in Barcelona and every main city in Spain. I have travelled and worked in the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, London, Indonesia, Japan, Africa and Cuba. My educational background is in sociology and anthropology. Professionally I have worked as a free

Freelance Photojournalist for:

  • Business Review Weekly – Australia's leading business magazine

  • The New Zealand Herald

  • British Airways

  • Malaysia Airlines

  • Club Med

  • Intrepid Travel

  • Lonely Planet guidebooks


For the last 9 years myself, and Corporate English, have focused on assisting and helping those in the corporate sector to practice their English and improve their communication skills in all aspects of written and spoken English.

Corporations and entities include:

  • Banco Santander                                                      . Salvamento Marítimo

  • La Caixa                                                                  . Cruz Roja España

  • Agbar, Aguas de Barcelona (ahora Suez)                     . BBVA          

  • University of Europe, Madrid                                      . Banesto (ahora Banco Santander)

  • Tourism Boards of Malaysia, Cuenca and Tenerife        . Repsol

  • ING                                                                        . Bankinter


CORPORATE ENGLISH is all about communication and expressing yourself correctly and confidently in English and to achieve this, we use the IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK METHOD.

It's very simple. Every mistake is corrected during the conversation. This way the student is aware of any error made in real time so as to remove even the simplest of errors which are the ones that cause the most doubt and inhibit confidence and fluency. The key is that the flow of conversation is not interrupted.

At CORPORATE ENGLISH we know what it is like to learn another language. Not only to speak it, but also to express and communicate one’s ideas and plans professionally, clearly and succinctly when conversing and conducting business. The IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK METHOD has been proven to be the best method to achieve this.

During classes:

. We correct every mistake: Being able to talk is one thing, but being made aware of one's errors is the only way to remove them and to           improve your command of English. 

. New expressions, turns of phrase and phrasal verbs are introduced by the teacher to expand the students vocabulary and mastery of          .   everyday English

. We provide simple revision exercises for any areas that need improving. 

. We share and discuss articles, videos and texts, depending on your requirements.

Whether you want to improve your formal, business or conversational English, the classes are yours and are adapted to your needs. And maybe most importantly, we will help you revise any emails, memos and presentations to guarantee they are presented in the most professional and correct way possible.


Phone classes:

                               10 classes                                                                 

                €150.00  for 10 x 25 minute phone classes                                  


Face to Face classes for one or two people:

                               10 classes                                                                

                €300.00 for 10 x 55min classes ( or €150.00 per person for two)                


Translations: 0.10 cents per word.

*Cancellation Policy. Classes cancelled more than 4 hours in advance may be rescheduled for no fee. Classes cancelled within 4 hours will be charged a 100% fee.

** IVA not included


e-mail: david@corporate-english.com

Telephone: 622 744 224   928 968 207

webpage: www.corporate-english.com




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