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CORPORATE ENGLISH is all about communication and expressing yourself correctly and confidently in English and to achieve this, we use the IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK METHOD.

It's very simple. Every mistake is corrected during the conversation. This way the student is aware of any error made in real time so as to remove even the simplest of errors which are the ones that cause the most doubt and inhibit confidence and fluency. The key is that the flow of conversation is not interrupted.

Here at Corporate English we have the advantage of knowing what it is like to learn another language and have to not only to speak it, but also to express and commuinicate ones ideas and plans in a professional manner when conducting business and which is clear and succint. One that removes any room for doubt; and in English, this could be the misuse of a simple preposition, misinterpreation of a term or when to use the passive voice when addressing a meeting or conference. Confidence is the key when dealing in business, whether it be in one's own language but especially so when it comes to doing business on a glabal scale and having to use the accepted international language..English.  During the class we correct each and every mistake made and provide simple revision exercises for any areas that need attention. We will share and discuss articles, videos and texts, depending on your requirements. Whether you want to improve your formal, business or conversational English, the classes are yours and are adapted to your needs. And maybe most importantly, we will help you go over any emails, memos and presentations that you have to give to make sure everything is presented in the most professional and correct way possible.

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